Ultrahigh Vaccum Film Deposition Chamber

Base pressure: 10-7 Pa, 6 e-beam evaporators, one Knudsen cell,
Substrate tempertaure up to 1000 K, Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction,
Motor-controlled Shutter for wedge structure, Full load lock and sample transfer system.

Cryogenic Probe Station

The NAGASE probe station is used for nondestructive testing of electrical and magnetic devices. It operates over a temperature range of 10 K to 300 K with a magnetic field up to 0.8 T. It allows for DC and RF measurments up to 40 GHz.

RT Probe Station

It operates at room temperature. The electromagnet rotation allows for in-plane-angular-dependent measurments within a magnetic field of 0.4 T.

Microwave Network Analyzer

KEYSIGHT N5222A, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz, Output power up to +13dBm.

Realtime Oscilloscope

KEYSIGHT DSA91304A, 13 GHz bandwidth, 40 GSa/s.

Pulse Generator

PLPS 10,060A, 10 V, 55 ps risetime pulse, 100 ps to 10 ns pulse duration.

Rapid Thermal Annealing System

Temperature: up to 700℃, Magnetic Field: up to 1T.